RJW Infrastructure - Trunk Main Sampling

After twelve years of providing Trunk Main Sampling services Mayfield Consulting have partnered with Richard Wilson of RJW-infrastructure to extend the use of Trunk Main Sampling whilst continuing to offer Needs Assessments development to support Price Review 14 (PR14) submissions.

Mayfield have provided services to numerous water companies developing strategies for previous Asset Management Periods (AMP's), whilst Richard has over eighteen years site and office experience in the water industry, providing solution development and asset optimisation.

Trunk Main Sampling has provided companies with internal condition assessment, sediment levels and internal video footage from mains throughout the UK and has in some cases provided the justification to include in AMP submissions.

Trunk Main Sampler & Camera Unit Internal image depicting heavily<br />tuberculated main Mains Cleaning activities on Trunk Main

Client Comments

As water companies develop their mains rehabilitation programmes and cleaning strategies the trunk mains sampler is an essential tool that ensures the right approach is taken. United Utilities assisted with developing the tool originally and has used it extensively over the last deacade. We are delighted that Richard will continue to offer this service.
Steve Wipp, Head of Innovation, Strategic Asset Planning & Engineering - United Utilities